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Crystal Ball

Crystal River Spirit Song 


Heeding an inner calling, Simon left the UK and traveled West to the USA in 1999. While honing his craft as an independent songwriter, musician and producer in the USA, UK, Europe & New Zealand, he simultaneously embarked on a spiritual journey. This spiritual journey led him to develop an Ashtanga Yoga practice while residing in Boston, Massachusetts, and to subsequently follow a path that led him to work at a Buddhist retreat centre in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In 2002,  his path led him to relocate to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he discovered shamanism. During his time in Santa Fe, Simon studied a native American form of shamanism that was grounded in the spiritual traditions of the Huichol of Mexico. In 2006, Simon returned to the UK, where his deep connection with shamanism led him to an apprenticeship in the South of England with a teacher whose work was based on the Celtic tradition of Bee shamanism. Simon remains an active shamanic practitioner. 


Heather traveled the world, performing, illustrating, writing & recording with Mostly Autumn from 1997 to 2010. During this time, her life was often charged with spiritual & mystical experiences, supporting her sense that there is more to this world than meets the eye. In her late teens, anxiety & depression became a theme in Heather’s life and through the need to manage which, her search for remedies began. Bush flower essences, essential oils & crystals became familiar friends and at this time Heather also learned to call on Spirit, or Source and the angelic realms for guidance and protection. Mirroring Simon’s westward calling, in 2002, Heather’s dance with Spirit began beckoning her eastwards, leading her to discover Reiki therapy and develop a regular Yoga, meditation & breath work practice. This served in grounding and anchoring her whilst embarking on her new solo career in 2010, throughout her two pregnancies and into early motherhood. In 2012,  deepening her connection with Spirit further, Heather began studying Usui Reiki, in which she went on to qualify as master/teacher in 2014.

this quickly segued into 10 years of formal yogic training on the Kriya Yoga path, 


Even though they have followed very different paths over the years, Heather and Simon have arrived at a meeting point.  


It’s a place where each other's experiences and studies across Native American, Celtic, Indian, and Japanese spiritual traditions coalesce.


It is a place where all paths to spirit are honoured. and where Heather & Simon fuse their individual learning paths to create music for the Bee Tellers that naturally & authentically takes on a depth of spiritual flavour.

"Moving, soft as the wind that blew seedlings  

Strong as the the mountain we’re climbing 

Guarded by Angels that light the way..."

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Crystal Ball
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