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"The Mirror shows, what the mirror knows..."


The Bee Tellers is a new musical project created by long-time collaborators Heather Findlay and Simon Snaize. 


The Bee Tellers craft music that seamlessly fuses the lilting harmony-laden folk and Americana of artists such as Buckingham Nicks, The Civil Wars, Welch & Rawlings and Plant & Krauss, with the harder-edged rock and soulful blues reminiscent of 70’s Led Zeppelin and Heart.


The music of The Bee Tellers forms a rich tapestry that authentically resonates with the themes of peace, love and understanding, which picks up the threads that bands like The Beatles began to weave into the heart of rock and roll in the 1960s. The underlying message behind Heather and Simon’s music is naturally imbued with the spirituality they both bring.

Even though They have followed very different paths over the years, Heather and Simon have arrived at a meeting point. It’s a place where the spiritual traditions they have both studied and explored coalesce and where all paths to spirit are honoured.


It's a place where Rock and Roll, Blues, Folk, Americana and Pop intertwine to create songs that honour the history of the music that inspired them. The Bee Tellers make music that speaks to their experiences. They create music intended to bring love, light, and upliftment to the hearts of others.


The Bee Tellers invite you to a musical world where oneness, universality, and spiritual sovereignty of being are honoured. 


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