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Mantra Vega is a progressive rock band project from Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner along with core musicians Chris Johnson (Halo Blind/Mostly Autumn); Stu Fletcher, Alex Cromarty features guitarists David Kilminster (Roger Waters/Steven Wilson).


Melding together their wide range of styles and influences in Progressive, Classic and Alternative Rock, Mantra Vega's debut album 'The Illusion's Reckoning', brings together, thoughtful lyrics, female and male lead vocals and harmonies, dramatic, atmospheric soundscapes, dynamics and captivating moods and melodies. 


On the 2016 album The Illusion’s Reckoning, Heather Findlay delivers vocals which always emotive, range from angelic to raw and powerful, over the lush keys, guitars and sound design of Dave Kerzner and Chris Johnson to soaring guitar leads from Dave Kilminster, Troy Donockley and Arjen Lucassen.


Augmenting this already rich tapestry, the album also features vocals from power-house Irene Jansen and siren Angela Gordon, along with woodwind from Remko de Landmeters, Heather and Angela Gordon, all built on the rock solid, soulful groove of the Cromarty/Fletcher rhythm section.


In 2022, the band reunited its core members with the track We See You, offering support through the universal language of music towards the people of Ukraine and anyone else in the world feeling the effects of this, or any war. The band donated all proceeds raised throughout 2022 to DEC Ukraine Appeal.

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