Odin Dragonfly


Many Moons ago, Heather & Angela met in their late teens as band mates in the up and coming progressive rock group Mostly Autumn.

Cutting their rock and roll teeth together, they toured the world and wrote songs that naturally featured parts for one another to play and sing, as each tune penned its way to life on the road the two women shared.

Lovingly crafting away behind dressing room doors, in hotel rooms, tour bus and airport lounges whilst they whiled away the spare hours touring life brought, in 2007 the pair decided they had collected enough songs together to make record and so the debut album Offerings, released under the duo name of Odin Dragonfly (an anagram of their surnames Findlay and Gordon) was born.

The album was very well received by lovers of  singer songwriter, folk, prog and rock music and brought Odin Dragonfly many touring opportunities of their own.

Classic Rock Magazine said of the album, "This acoustically driven gem is as pure, polished and pastoral-sounding as they come. The pairs voices compliment each other so well. The effect is lazily hypnotic".

Since Offerings, Angela & Heather have gone on to play across UK, Europe and USA as Odin Dragonfly and now, in 2021 their second album Sirens is ready to be shared with the world.


"It feels like the most personal piece of work I've been involved in. It has my heart and soul in it. I think people will hear that."

"It's been kind of ​strange​, listening back, how current some of the themes sound, given that some of these songs are fifteen, ​twenty​​ years old" ~ Angela

"In creative terms, I feel Sirens features some of our most accomplished songwriting. As Angela says, it's been quite magical to see how these songs have woven themselves together into this one body of work, which has ended up feeling so cohesive, almost as though Sirens was completely written as a concept album, made to reflect the current times we are sharing on this planet.  It kind of confirms to me the sense that songs really do come from somewhere else. I imagine it almost as though they were like a message in a bottle, that was always meant to be washed ashore right now...

~ Heather 



Limited Edition '1st 500 Bundles'

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